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I purchased a vehicle and need to export it back to Canada

Q & A regarding a Canadian purchasing a Vehicle, Tractor, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, Etc.

If you plan on moving to Canada you will need to hire an Exporter to help with obtaining an ITN (Internal Transaction Number) to properly export your vehicles, motorcycles, and anything else that is motorized that you can ride on (except boats and watercraft).

Cradle Mountain

Question: What information do you need from me to export my vehicle to Canada?
Answer: Basic information like the addresses of where it's coming from and going to. You will also need to find the VIN/Serial number. You can find this on the vehicle

Whether you purchased a vehicle in the United States or are moving to Canada and you need to export that vehicle we can help. As of April of 2014 any Canadian Citizen that purchases a motorized vehicle such as a car, truck, motorcycle, go cart, tractor, etc. needs to