Question: What information do you need from me to export my vehicle to Canada?

Answer: Basic information like the addresses of where its coming from and going to. You will also need to find the VIN/Serial number. You can find this on the vehicle itself or a title, registration, or even an insurance card. We will also need to determine the value of the vehicle which you can find on sites like Kelly Blue Book (kbb) or NADA.

Question: What is an ITN number and why do I need one?

Answer: ITN stands for Internal Transaction Number. Its a way for Customs and Border Protection to track what is being exported to Canada and also determine if a vehicle is stolen or not.

Question: Do I need the Title to my vehicle to export it?

Answer: Yes you will need the original Title. They will not accept photocopies. If you have a Lien on the Title from a bank or credit union you will need to get a permission letter from them on letterhead stating that they are allowing you to export to Canada. Mostly all financial institutions will allow you to do this. (Ask nicely, however!)

Question: Is it just vehicles that require an ITN number to export?

Answer: U.S. Customs defines it as anything that has a motor and you can ride. (Self Propelled). So this would also include go-carts, riding lawnmowers, tractors, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. However, excluded are boats and jet-skis.

Question: Do I need a broker to export my car to Canada?

Answer: No you do not! Brokers can charge enormous fees for their services. We are an exporter and can do it for a fraction of the price!

Question: Will I have to pay anything at U.S. Customs when I arrive to export my vehicle?

Answer: No. Just have your ITN number written down somewhere that we provided for you. They will check the Vin/Serial number that we previously submitted for you to see if it matches what is stamped on the vehicle itself. They then will stamp a paper that you will then bring over to Canadian Customs saying that the vehicle was exported properly.

Question: How long does it take for Express Exporting to obtain my ITN Number for me?

Answer: We will have your ITN Number for you the same day! (Within 24 Hours). We are also available on weekends and every holiday!

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